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Wildlife Garden

What is it about?

A card game that sees two players trying to attract the most diverse set of animals to their back garden.

Starting with a humble compost heap, players draft cards to build up a garden tableau that provides food and shelter for prospective creatures looking to move in.


Where did I get the idea?

This is a game based on my own experiences creating a small wildlife garden, which is now often visited by bees, butterflies and even frogs!

Wildlife gardens can be a great source of food and habitat for a huge range of animals, as well as a source of relaxation for you.

This sense of relaxation is reflected within the mechanics of the game, as you go from planting trees to observing foxes and badgers roaming your garden

Want to learn more?

My work on Wildlife Garden is ongoing, but I post regular updates which detail the design process so I'd love for you to follow along or subscribe below.

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